ADHD Screening

ADHD Screening

Do you think your child may have ADHD? Do you need to know the next steps towards a correct diagnosis and, if needed, treatment? 

Our professionals at Pediatric Associates of Denham Springs, LA, are devoted to ADHD screening, diagnosing, treating, and managing behavior in children. 

We embrace ongoing education to bring new and proven treatment options to parents of children with behavioral problems. 

What is ADHD? 

There are three different types of ADHD, and this disorder is better known as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

Inattentive Type

  • Difficulty focusing on a task and finishing the task
  • Easily distracted
  • Might not finish a conversation  

Hyperactive Type

  • Will fidget
  • Might not be able to sit still
  • Has difficulty waiting their turn
  • Has problems with following directions in school and elsewhere

Combination Type

  • Is a mix of both types
  • Most common type
  • Child seems impulsive
  • Becomes very inattentive to tasks 

Diagnosing ADHD 

There is no definitive test for ADHD, according to the professional medical staff at Pediatric Associates of Denham Springs, LA. Still, our pediatricians can perform an ADHD screening based on behaviors seen by parents, our medical staff, and any additional family.  

There are several screening steps for this condition. Our doctors would want to perform a physical of your child to rule out any other health conditions. They may also want to perform other tests, such as hearing or vision. Our doctors may want to check thyroid levels and conduct baseline blood work. 

After a physical exam and additional testing, our doctors will review medical history and medical records, as ADHD can run in families. Next, our doctors will ask you and your child questions about their behavior. 

Our doctors can use an ADHD screening tool, which is a collection of questions geared to your child's behavior and attention to detail. You will have to fill out a questionnaire regarding your child. 

Our medical staff may also have your child's teacher fill out a questionnaire. Our doctor may screen for other mental health disorders, such as anxiety or depression.

Treatment for ADHD

If our doctor gives your child a diagnosis of ADHD, several things can be done to help manage this condition. Our doctor may suggest minor lifestyle changes, behavioral therapy, family therapy, or play therapy for your child. Our doctor may order medication to see if it helps your child's hyper and inattentive behavior. Treatment options are a process; our doctor may need to adjust medications for optimal benefit. 

Please call Pediatric Associates of Denham Springs, LA, at 225-665-6677. Our excellent medical staff is available to discuss your child's needs and the possibility of ADHD screening.

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